YUL ECDOCHIE says that President Buhari should stop reading from a paper


Yul Edochie,  the Nollywood on-screen character and government official, , has taken to online life through his Twitter page to interface with the pioneer of the country

– Edochie reacted to the news that President Buhari will address Nigerians during a live convey on April 27, 2020 –

The on-screen character by then asked the president to address Nigerians from his heart and not to scrutinize his


talk from a touch of paper like he has been known to do Times are hard wherever all through the world at the present time and this is commonly due to the coronavirus pandemic that has been fuming for specific months now.

Various countries have expected to choose serious options and besides present their occupants with a picture of desire at whatever point they can. For immature countries, things have all the earmarks of being to some degree changed as people have

whimpered of being encouraged to stay at home despite them having no money to deal with or fight for themselves.

Each time the pioneer of such countries needs to address its occupants, they generally trust in elevating news anyway that has not been the circumstance for specific countries.

It has been represented that Nigeria\’s pioneer, Muhammadu Buhari, will address occupants by 8pm on April 27, 2020. Regardless of the report, numerous people seem to require better from the president. In light of the report of Buhari\’s live impart, Nollywood performer and legislator, Yul Edochie, took to web based life by methods for his Twitter page to request that the president address Nigerians from his heart. Edochie said that Buhari should drop the paper and not read his talk today anyway that he should address Nigerians from his heart. He communicated: \”Dear President @MBuhari, drop paper. Do whatever it takes not to examine talk today. Address Nigerians from your heart.\”

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