Why You Need Whatsapp Business Account For Marketing

Whatsapp business API is a new account for Whatsapp introduced for users who wish to market their products online with social media. Nevertheless, people still underrate the power of marketing with Whatsapp as a social media tool for digital marketing.

But from statistics, Whatsapp ranks the most used social media platform with 2 billion average monthly users, while Facebook ranks the second with over 1.3 billion monthly users.

Therefore, if you are looking for a platform that you can comfortably market your product on social media – give Whatsapp a try.

Recently, marketing on Whatsapp was made easier with the introduction of Whatsapp business account.

Still, users who are not familiar yet with this Whatsapp business account ask questions like; What is the difference between a normal account and whatsapp business account? Others ask about the features of Whatsapp business API.

We will address these questions in this post. In addition, we will explain how you can secure your business account from unauthorized use and hacking. Finally, how to create a whatsapp account for your business.

How to create a whatsapp business account

Follow the 8 steps below to create your own Whatsapp business account.

  1. Download whatsapp Business: Go to Play store and search for the “whatsapp business” or follow the link.
  2. Insert your Business number: use a number that customers know the business with.
  3. Type the 6 -digit code sent to your phone: However, if the sim is in the same phone, this verification will be automatic.
  4. Upload a clear and attractive business profile picture: Your pic should depict your business.
  5. Add your business name in the space provided: Note that your business name will not all be in capital letters, unnecessary punctuation, Emoji, a person’s full name, a generic term or location and should not be less than 3 characters.
  6. Select the category of service your business offers, E.g, Clothing and Apparel, Event planning and service, Education, Food and Grocery e.t.c..
  7. Describe your business: This is a place you have the opportunity to talk about your business in your own terms. Therefore, make it catchy and brief.
  8. Add a business address: Provide an offline address of the business.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully set up a whatsapp business. The next thing is to customize the features to suit your need.

Advantages of Whatsapp business account

So many will still ask if they need a separate whatsapp for business if they have a whatsapp already – the answer is “YES”. Below are 4 reasons to convince you to use Whatsapp business rather than personal account for running your business.

Gives you business a unique identity



This Whatsapp for business allows you to set a profile that looks very much professional. Meaning, there are extra features that the regular whatsapp doesn’t have, to help you build a business identity.

Some of these features includes:

  • A business description that helps you to give introduction about your business.
  • Google location map to locate your business.
  • Inclusion of the business website and email.
  • Display of your items as a catalog on your profile.

Above is an example of Whatsapp business profile.

Allows you to display your products catalog


whatsapp business catalog

Unlike the regular Whatsapp, this type provides a catalog where you can display your products. In addition, you can easily copy the catalog link and send to customers in anywhere and the person can easily see your products.

Also, the catalog offers the following features;

  • Allows you to attach the name of the product.
  • The prices of the product.
  • Description of each product.
  • The product code.
  • Online link for a customer to view a specific product details.

Integrated Special Messaging tools

Whatsapp business API has unique messaging tools specially designed for business interaction with customers and engagement. These tools allow you to have a complete control of your relationship with customers. Also, you can set these messaging tools to the standard of your choice. Some of these special messaging tools includes;

  • Automatic message reply: This feature allows you to automatically reply customers when you are not available with a customized message. As an example, you can write, “Itzbiztime is not currently online now to attend to you. Please, drop a message and also check our catalog for our products”.
  • Greeting message: The greeting message feature is designed to automatically welcome new customers to your whatsapp business page.
  • Quick replies: This feature is customized messages that help you reply quickly. Example, if you type “/thanks”, it will send a message like, “Thank you for your business! we look forward to working with you again”. and so many other examples.
  • Label: The label allows you to organize your customers in classes, E.g., “New Customers”, “Pending payment”, “paid customers” e.t.c. Therefore, label makes your work easier and saves you the stress of trying to remember or reach a particular class of customers.
  • Message statistics: The message statistics gives the details of all the business messages. This includes; the number of Sent, Delivered, read and received messages. Therefore, it will give you an insight of how effective your whatsapp marketing strategy is and gives you the idea of the adjustments to make.

Security of whatsapp business account

Whatsapp always try to give a good privacy and security to her users data and messages. Example of these security is the end-to-end encryption which simply means that a third party, even whatsapp cannot read your personal messages. This also applies when someone tries to download the whatsapp in another device.

However, to establish a stronger security to keep hackers off your Whatsapp; I encourage you to enable the 2- step verification.

2 – step verification simply means that, Whatsapp will ask you to provide a 6 – digit numbers when when your whatsapp business is to be logged in another device.

How to set up 2- step verification on whatsapp

Below are the 7 steps to enable a two-step verification on your whatsapp business account.

  1. On your whatsapp interface, click the Menu option ( 3 dots) at the top right corner of your screen
  2. click settings
  3. choose account
  4. click Two -step verification and select “enable”
  5. Put a 6 – digit code you will provide anytime you want to login in another device.
  6. Provide a working email address.
  7. Click submit

How to play safe with whatsapp business account

Whatsapp business API is not like a regular whatsapp. In other words, whatsapp place policies that will create a friendly environment for her users. Therefore, there are DO’s and DON’Ts on the type of products and services you offer to customers.

Such policy encompasses illegal activity, business impersonation, terrorists group e.t.c. Hence, read the Whatsapp business API policy to make sure you abide by the community standard.

On the contrary, if you violate any of these policies, you may be blocked from using the whatsapp business.

However, if your account is locked mysteriously and you feel it may be error, You can write to Whatsapp support for clarification.

In Summary

Whatsapp Business API is necessary to communicate and engage with your customers on one-on-one basis. Also, it provides other benefits that can help you map out a good business marketing strategy for growth. However, you need to secure your account from scammers with a 2 – step verification and play by the whatsapp business policy.

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