Peruzzi reacts to rape allegation



Nigerian music star, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, prevalently known as Peruzzi has responded to charges of assault against him.



The supposed casualty, essentially recognized as Princess, on Wednesday took to her Twitter page @Jayamah22, blaming Peruzzi for assaulting her.

As per her, the music star powerfully engaged in sexual relations with her at some point in 2012.

She revealed that she chose to make it known freely as a result of the encounters of assault casualties being shared on the web.

“Once in 2012, I can’t generally recall the date and the month. Be that as it may, I went with a companion “Aisha” to 1004. As at that point, I think she had a thing with Peruzzi, I went with her there and we went through a night that day and I remained in a similar live with Aisha and Peruzzi.

“In the night, he began contacting me without my assent, I attempted to disclose to him that it wasn’t right what’s more he has a sweetheart lying in the middle. So I left the room and rested in the smaller than expected parlor upstairs, I needed to leave the room since I was not happy any longer.

“Profound snoozing, I felt somebody attempting to unfasten my jeans and afterward I woke up. Furthermore, I’m similar to ‘Peruzzi can’t do that, it isn’t right’, that is the point at which we began battling and he was ‘Pushing ON MY NECK’

“Disclosed to me I should cool that he prefers me, this sort of poop and I’m similar to Yo! “I’M NOT INTERESTED.”

“By then, battling was upsetting, you realize he tore my clothing and he assaulted me,” her tweet read.

Yet, responding in a post on his Twitter page, Peruzzi portrayed the claims getting out and about as bogus.

He declared that he has never assaulted anybody.

His tweet read: “My name is Okoh Tobechukwu, I have never and will never be an attacker.”

Nigerians, in the previous not many days, close by noticeable figures required a conclusion to assault in the nation.

The call got essential after the homicide of one Vera Omozuwa who was assaulted and murdered by obscure people in a congregation in Benin.

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