The President of Tonimas Oil and Gas Gathering and one of Nigeria’s most lavish oil magnates, Boss Anthony Enukeme, has kicked the bucket at 75 years of age.



He kicked the bucket on Monday night, June 8, after a compact sickness.

As demonstrated by a family source, who conversed with The Country, the terminated used to travel abroad reliably for routine prosperity checks yet couldn’t go this year in light of the pandemic.

We note that the family source said Enukeme kicked the pail because of the development blacklist occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

As demonstrated by report, the terminated had been the chairman of customary administrators in Anambra state for a long time.

Somewhere else on the planet, the significant official of Reverence Service, Reverend Dad Ejike Mbaka, has spared a woman who was kept in the crisis facility over her inability to free her bill in the wake from delivering quadruplet.

The pastor cleared the N1.5 million facility bill, after which he gave the couple the total of N2 million to implant in their business.

Nigerians, a Facebook page, shared the authentic humanity movements and moreover shared the photographs of the couple and those of their advertiser.

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