Most Men Often Lie To Date Actresses – Funke Etti

Do You Agree?? Most Men Often Lie To Date Actresses - Funke Etti

Actress Funke Eti says her colleagues are not to blame for husband snatching saga which has been rocking the entertainment industry in recent times.

Speaking with Saturday beat, the screen diva maintained that the men are to be blamed as they are fond of lying about their relationship status both past and present.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Etti said,

“It is wrong for actresses to call out one another over relationship issues. But when you research well, you would find that it’s not entirely the ladies’ fault. Some men are deceptive; they would not disclose their relationship status or confess that they are dating actress A, while they are going after actress B. These things are common occurrences. They would practically deny the existence of people they have dated in the movie industry just to get the new lady.

I keep telling people to always apply wisdom when it comes to love matters.

Ladies should not drag themselves on social media; it’s a matter that could be settled amicably between both parties, especially if they are not married.”

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