A Nigerian woman has related how her sweetheart hoodwinked her and left her devastated – Identified as Princess Karen, she uncovered he stole away with a N15m credit she helped him gather


– Karen likewise uncovered that she offered her vehicle and her dad’s property to support the said beau

– The stun of the beau escaping with the cash, drove her into a 6-month trance like state, Karen guarantees A Nigerian woman distinguished as Princess Karen on Twitter,

as of late left jaws hanging after she uncovered the most idiotic thing she has ever done.

As per the woman, she once gathered a N15m advance for a beau who later slipped off.

Clarifying further, she uncovered she additionally sold her own vehicle, her dad’s territory and every one of her possessions to help the said beau who later fled. Karen asserts that the episode drove her into a state of extreme lethargy that went on for a half year.

Clarifying further in a progression of reactions to online life clients who communicated incredulity, she uncovered she was enamored and he had shouted out to her for help with a business thought he had about aluminum materials.

“I was infatuated then cos he was the one that got me despoiled. I never realized his expectations was dangerous.

It was an unadulterated silliness and simple act however I express gratitude toward God for my life today.

He called me around 4pm on that day,that I should see him,that its urgent,then I left what I was doing,drove directly to his house,then he bowed down and began crying,showed me some business archives identified with alluminium materials, crying lavishly. I have not seen him till date.

December seventeenth will be the latest month of the credit…

I have confirmations not a joke ooo,” she composed.

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