Moz is one of the free SEO tools used in handling seo related tasks ranging from checking website analysis to keyword research.

It comes in both free and premium packages, as you may know free moz seo account is limited to some great features that is so needed.

Which is why most bloggers rather opt-in for moz pro account than going for the free account that will serve little or less purpose.

Moz Pro Pricing

How Much Does Moz Pro Account Cost?

Moz pro account cost some pretty sum amount of dollars, of which if you fall in the category of bloggers working based on budget you won’t dare get close to signing-up a moz pro account.

Its a known fact that in regards to Moz pro pricing, it cost around $149 per month to sustain an account, but in this tutorial we will learn how to get it for free. So watchout for how to get moz pro account for free.

Instead of spending that huge sum in renewing the seo tool every month, i’m giving you a %100 working methods that will get you a moz pro account with upto 5,000 lookup.

How Can I Use Moz Pro For Free?

Using the account for free is possible and doesn’t cost you a thing, you don’t even have to use any of your details as i will be guiding you on how and where to get all the necessary information required on the website from personal info to company data and payment details.

Hey! I’m pretty sure you are scared of using your bank details online or maybe scared of been charged when you forget to cancel your subscrption. Do not worry as all of that will be covered in the tutorial.

Why This Method Of getting Moz Pro Account Is The Safest And Most Effective.

  • You don’t have to use your real name
  • Emails can be generated and restructured for use.
  • Cards number can be generated for use ( get your old debit card and type out the first 6 didgit for use).
  • The postal code can be forged, its acceptable.

From the above info, you should know that using your personal details is not necessary because you will be repeating it every month.

In the cause of this tutorial, let’s take note of these two website and make use of them when needed, unless you have a personal working method to use.   ( To generate debit cards number).    (To generate Email addresses).

In getting a Moz Pro account without using your personal details, you must use the above websites to generate the details needed, so let’s get to business.

How To Get Moz Pro Account For Free: Working Methods To Get  it.

First in first, logon to and click on “Try Moz Pro Free” as seen in the image below

Fill in your details in the “Create Your Profiles” dialogue boxes that opened and make sure to fill them accordingly as seen in the images below.

Your Profile.

Enter your generated email in the box provided and enter any name you can remember, enter your password.

Now enter the Company Information in the below boxes >>

Enter the debit cards details you generated from the websites ( )..

After entering the necessary info in the above boxes, agree to the terms and conditions of the company and hit sign-up button.

And wow! you have a moz pro account for your keyword research and SEO related tasks, but mind you it expires in 30 days.

Endeavor to repeat same steps using different generated details every month.


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