actress Christabel Egbenya – i don’t mind being third wife to a rich man

Christabel Egbenya

– Nollywood on-screen character Christabel Egbenya wouldn’t fret being a spouse to a wedded man


– Christabel says she couldn’t care less on the off chance that she is the second oChristabel Egbenyar third wife of the man so far she is glad in the association –


The entertainer referenced that she has a sweetheart currently yet at the same time needs a man who is comprehend and ideally rich Beautiful and blessed by the gods Nollywood on-screen character, Christabel Egbenya, has uncovered that she needs a man seriously.

The entertainer further expressed that she wouldn’t fret getting snared to an as of now man as she is set to be a second or third spouse as long as she is cheerful in the marriage. The job translator uncovered that she is by and by in no genuine relationship as is promptly accessible to welcome and blend with any intrigued man, single or wedded, into her life currently




She revealed further that she can marry from any tribe: “I can marry from any tribe. It doesn’t matter if he is Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa; as long as I am happy with him, it’s okay. I can even be a second or third wife, it doesn’t really matter as long as there is true love and happiness.”

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