Uti Nwachukwu, has reacted after a Twitter user who accused him of rape



Nollywood on-screen character and victor of Elder sibling Africa Season 5 unscripted TV show up, Uti Nwachukwu, has reacted after a Twitter user who accused him for rape


She said “Uti is a violent and forceful person by nature.

“What he did to me, however, took me by surprise as he always smiled at me like he meant well.

” Uti is a bisexual. He treats his guys with more respect but he’s more into women.

However, Uti took to his Instagram account on Thursday to address the issue stating that the accuser should step forward, show her identity, and equally report the case to the authorities within 3 days.

He further promised to foot the fees the person incurs in reporting the alleged crime.

According to him, if after 3 days, the person doesn’t take action, he will act.

He said “I reject this characterization and deny these baseless allegations in the strongest way possible.

“Furthermore, I am urging this faceless victim to report this purported crime to the nearest police station.

“I am willing to say for all the fees you incur in reporting this alleged crime.

“If after three days you fail to disclose yourself or report the crime, I shall proceed to report the case and the blog and other internet hosts must spread this fake news to the Inspector General of police for cyber terrorism and libel.”



The witness, who passes by the name Kambili Korie, took to Twitter to make states that the media character ambushed her in August 2017 she shared a screen catch of a message from a customer saved with the name Uti 2 saying sorry’ for emphatically having his way with her




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